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Week 49: Tapos na!

Week 48: John S lens

Christmas at home


Week 47: Celebrations

Why I'm thankful for my blockmates

David Mitchell's The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet: tell me how I can put down a book that begins with labor and delivery

In which I danced on stage for the first time since kindergarten

Week 46: Christmas Parties

When I took the NMAT

Wayne and Joshua Mack's Humility: The Forgotten Virtue. The shirt of the soul is put on first and put off last.

Week 45: Anesthesiology

How we do the handmime

Week 44: Pharmacology


Warren Weirsbe's Be Myself: the longest journey is the journey inwards

Week 44: Food

Gayuma ni Maria

Portraits: Management Rotation in Bicol

The Tour: Management Rotation in Bicol, Day Three and Four

Pouring Rain: Management Rotation in Bicol, Day Two

Stranded and Rescued: Management Rotation in Bicol, Day Zero and One

Week 43: Saturday


Snippets from a Sunday preaching

Week 44: My first 24-hour duty


Michael Cunningham's The Hours: while the rest of 'em visited the dead . . .

Review: Jipan Japanese Bakeshop

Week 43: Lost glory



Week 42: Heartbeat

Somethin' Fishy

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Christ is the Center: lectures on the centrality of Christ in Christianity

Saturday night dinner: Burger Project and Sancho Churreria

Review: Assad Café

Hidden meanings

Review: Pizza Nero

Week 41: Active listening

Review: Nomnomnom Happy Place

Under the rain

Week 40: My first medical mission

On treating human beings, not diseases

Grief, in stages

Big, big milestone in my reading life

Week 39: National Museum


Problematizing the flood


A magazine!

Their stories

Week 38: Shoes

Week 37: Street


Touring Diliman