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Jef and some old Kalayaan memories

These days the only text messages I receive are med school-related reminders. So when I got a text confirming if I was Lance Catedral from an old friend I haven't met in five years, I had a serious suspicion that something was well on its way. It turned out that Jef Sala  was in the country for a three-week vacation. He was planning to surprise us with an apparition. Too bad, though, because I eventually figured things out.

Fulfilling their dreams

Last week my undergrad class organized a send-off party for Juanchi Pablo and Kino Aquino who will be leaving the country to pursue their PhD's. This opportunity is a fulfillment of their dreams. On our way to Tomas Morato, Quezon City, I told Coy Cabanilla (who, like me, is happily stuck in med), "There was a time na pinangarap din natin 'yan ." Juanchi is taking his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the Duke University in North Carolina, while Kino qualified for the Biomedical Engineering program at Boston University . They're flying to the US on August. While it pains me to see them go, I'm comforted by the fact that they'll do great things wherever God would put them.

Don't we just live busy lives?

The past few days have been extraordinarily hectic, so let me bore you with details on how my week has gone.

The Lives of Others

Among the more interesting films I've seen recently is The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen), a German film released in 2006 by first-time director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

The road to pharma

Maybe now isn't the right time to put this in writing, but the amount of lessons I need to remember has  gone out of proportion that I feel like I need to distract myself. Give me one more set of drugs to memorize, and my head might just explode.


After taking four exams Friday morning—a harrowing experience but only the tip of the iceberg, I was told—I needed a break. I figured Saturday evening was a great time to meet up with my high school classmates, so I reserved my schedule for a dinner engagement.