Monday, September 12, 2011

Touring Diliman

I had the afternoon free, so I left for Diliman to get my black vintage glasses. I had the lenses replaced a couple of weeks ago. Yes, that's me, my cheeks bloated with fat. Soon enough I'll have the double chin.

 New old glasses

I wasn't in any particular rush. I walked around what used to be my campus and my home for five years. I felt envious of the students I saw: they didn't have to deal with the awful pollution; they were in their comfort zones.

I visited the little second-hand bookstore beside Kalaayan Hall and looked for my favorite saleslady who, like me, hails from South Cotabato. She used to give me the best copies of the bestselling titles. Sadly there wasn't anybody in the store.

I walked around. It was weird to be surrounded by so much greenery.

Probinsiya lang

I wanted to read a chapter or so of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, one of the toughest books I've read to date. So I went to Chocolate Kiss, a local restaurant in Bahay ng Alumni known for its cheesecakes.

I passed by Molave Dormitory where some of my close friends used to stay.


I had a slice of dayap chiffon cake, thanks to Ate Celyn Trinidad's high recommendation. She's a friend from church who invited my brother and me to afternoon snacks on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The cake was mouthwatering. The creamy substance between the layers tasted like melted yema—only better. Try it.

Dayap chiffon cake
 Chocolate Kiss, Bahay ng Alumni

Posters of the inauguration of the new UP President, Alfredo Pascual, were everywhere. His photo resembled my classmate, Marvyn Chan.


Movies from the Brazilian Film Festival were being shown at the UP Film Center. I used to spend my afternoons there—with the free passes and all.

Film Center

The UP Carillon looked nicer now. I have yet to climb its top.


My time was up. I had to catch the bus before 4 pm, or else I'd have to deal with the rush-hour traffic.


I still sometimes wish the College of Medicine were in Diliman instead. Maybe Medicine will be less stressful, and patients will get better faster.

Academic Oval, University of the Philippines Diliman

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