Sunday, December 11, 2011

In which I danced on stage for the first time since kindergarten

Pastor Bob talked about pride during Family Day at church this morning. The theme of our special Sunday gathering was "Die Hard". After all, the Christian's daily battle against pride is a hard one.

I remembered the book, Humility: The Forgotten Virtue (by Wayne Mack), during the sermon.

My brother invited some of his friends from work. Except for Josiah (the photographer) whom I had met previously, the rest of them visited Higher Rock for the first time. We had lunch at Banapple. The conversations went rolling by. I was particularly blessed talking to Christian, a young German lawyer, whose passion it is to serve the people in the developing world. I also got to meet Brianne who, I was told, bakes excellent pies and pastries.

I got to catch up with Ate Liw, too, one of my favorite people from church.

I had to immediately go back to church to prepare for the play we were presenting. I had a very minor role—three lines in total plus a dance number at the end.

By the time I arrived, people were already dressed in 80's costumes. Here's Tina sporting the typical office look of the era, complete with pillows padding on the shoulders.

People were busy doing make-ups.

The play revolved around two major characters: Jake, a proud Christian, and Jacob, the Bible character who wrestled with God. Kuya Larry and Bryan played the role of Jacob and Jake respectively. Kuya Kenny Bulahan was the director. The entire play took 50 minutes.

Those of us who played a part in Scene Two forgot the steps in the short dance finale, by the way, but what we lacked in technicality we made up for in our smiles! This was my first dancing stint since kindergarten.

Working in the Stage Ministry was a blessing for me. I got to work with talented, experienced people who never looked down on us, beginners, but who nevertheless graciously guided us during the practices. I learned a lot of things! Working with them brought me such joy.

Late in the afternoon, Frances and I crashed at Dom and Tina's place in Manila. They were married about a year ago. Although we live on the same street, this was the first time I had been to their home.

Our plans to get a whole-body massage was postponed indefinitely, so we decided to hang out before dinner. Kuya Dom, quite the renaissance man, taught me the basics of playing the violin. I got to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star—the first part, at least—and it was hard!

With Kuya Dom in the piano, we sang out hearts out. Jim Brickman, Mariah Carey, and Regina Spektor would be very proud had they heard us sing. I was relieved the neighbors never complained.

We had dinner at Shawarma Center in Salas Street. We had Humus/Foul, Mixed Barbecue, and Shawarma Rice. We were stuffed!

What a wonderful Sunday!



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