Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 46: Christmas Parties

week 46

week 46 week 46
week 46 week 46
week 46 week 46

We had fun at the Youth Workers Christmas party last Thursday. Banjo, of course, came up with the craziest games. Kuya Lito expounded on the example set by the shepherds as told in Luke 2.

Dom and Tina Carriaga offered to take me to church with them for the Christmas play rehearsal. Weeks ago I already told the ministry head that I was backing out of the play after seeing my academic schedule for November and December. But since the Stage Ministry was lacking one character, and such character only had a couple of lines and minimal appearances, I said I could play that part. It turns out there will be a big dance number at the end, and for a few seconds I'll be in front on the stage for everyone to see. Good thing I'm dancing—assuming it is dancing I'm doing, not some random muscular spastic movements—beside Kuya Dom who, like me, is having problems with coordination. May the Lord guide our (dance) steps.

Ice Co celebrates his birthday tonight. We had dinner with some friends from Agape. I got to catch up my schoolmate, Kuya Jasper Dagang, who's now a first year resident at ORL (Otorhinolaryngology). He's like my big brother in med school. Praise God for these friends!


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