Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday night dinner: Burger Project and Sancho Churreria

A phase is what this probably is: my recent food adventures, fueled largely by a schedule free from excessive academic work. Except for the upcoming Management rotation in Bicol, these past two weeks are probably the closest I'll get to a decent sem break this year.

I'm blogging from my brother's apartment, and I'm stuffed. We just had dinner at Burger Project, a restaurant along Maginhawa Street, Teachers' Village, an area now bursting with life because of the recent emergence of places to hang out. This street used to be quieter when I was in college at UP Diliman.

Burger Project's unique concept is a lot like that of Starbucks, but only applied in burgers. You design your burger to your liking--the buns, toppings, sauce, and other add-ons--and you pay a corresponding fee for whichever you choose. The waiter gives you a checklist at the counter. Meat? Chicken? or Tofu? And what about the toppings? Jalapeno pepper? Chili con carne? It feels a lot like a short exam. At the end of the form is a blank where you're asked to give a name to your burger. As soon as your order is ready, the waiter announces the name aloud for everyone to hear. Mine was called "Amazeballs."


I had my brother and Renan Laru-an as company for dinner. Renan is an old friend, and for years, one of my brother's housemates. I'm proud to say that he has recently been accepted in the History of Art with Material Studies Program of the History of Art Deparment, University College London. He'll be leaving for the UK anytime soon. Clearly so much is in store for him.

At Burger Project, Maginhawa Street, Teachers' Village, Quezon City

I don't remember the entire details of my burger. I do know I checked tofu, lettuce, jalapeno pepper, pesto sauce, and the standard burger bun with sesame seeds. 

Tofu Burger, "Amazeballs"

Manong's burger which he named, "Bottled Brain," to spite me.

"Bottled Brain"
Renan's, which he called, "Congrats Beh."
"Congrats Beh" burger

We had dessert at the nearby pastry store, Sancho Churreria.

Sancho Churreria
Sancho Churreria

The churros was delicious. Not really spectacular, though.

Sancho's Churritos

Praise be to God for these undeserved blessings.



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