Thursday, November 3, 2011


Boredom often begets creativity, and I like to think that was what happened to me a couple of days ago, when I went out of my apartment, taking pictures of anything and everything under the sun. I want to share with you how my living environment looks like, right smack in the center of Philippine politics, pollution, flooding, and street crime.

My old building is beside the Manila Science High School, home of nerds who used to win televised quiz shows when I was younger.

taft avenue, corner padre faura street

An old building along Kalaw Street is being renovated. They're turning this into a boutique hotel of sorts. The facade looks Parisian.


The Philippine economy, for all its worth, probably has sidewalk stalls like this as its business model.

Are those rolls of film the man is carrying?

A fallen leaf on the sidewalk. Too bad we don't have autumn in this country—just plain rain-and-shine.

An old woman strolls in the park. Walking by myself clears my mind and helps my thinking.

Here are bright red colors in a sea of green, just the right photograph to end this photoset.



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