Friday, November 18, 2011

Pouring Rain: Management Rotation in Bicol, Day Two

When we woke up, Legazpi City was drenched in rain. The clouds showed no signs of stopping. Krushna Canlas told us her flight was cancelled. It was that bad. We pushed through with our scheduled tour anyway.


rain coat

From the van we saw old churches.

old church

The driver was amusing. I sat beside him. He would slow down when he saw me taking pictures.



LCC Mall is like SM in Albay: it's everywhere.


We visited the Pottery Industry in Tiwi, Albay.

pottery, tiwi, albay

Some of us tried making one. The workers were kind enough to teach us, and we didn't feel like we were intruding. The process looked simple enough—get a lump of clay, turn the rotating platform on, drizzle it with water, then form the desired piece with bare hands—but Joseph Brazal's jar turned out to resemble a toilet bowl.


Tiwi, Albay is known for its geothermal hot springs. We only read about the place in Sibika and Kultura back in elementary, so we were thrilled to actually visit it.
near geothermal hot springs

For a quick breakfast, we headed to DJC, a restaurant famous in Tiwi.

djc, tiwi, albay

We had fried siapao which tasted a lot like meat bread.

fried siopao

And we wouldn't miss DJC's halo-halo. Jef emailed me to absolutely try this, "the best halo-halo in the world." The serving was generous. There were molten leche flan chunks, and there was cheese on top!


While driving back to Legazpi, the rain finally abated.

after the rain

We headed to Colonnial Grill at the Gaisano Mall to try the unlimited tinapa rice. We were stuffed.

with tinapa rice

At 5 pm, we headed to Embarcadero, the shopping and dining by the bay.

We stopped at a wide road for a photoshoot. We felt the strong and cold sea breeze. We almost lost our voices there. We were shouting and laughing. We had the street to ourselves apparently. (I'm still waiting for people to upload pictures because mine were grainy.)

Before we went back to the hotel, we had videoke at the nearby bar. I got asked by a lady I only met for the first time to sing a popular Tagalog pop song with her, something I had heard for the first time. I didn't refuse. Eventually I got hold of the melody. I hope the duet turned out well. My blockmates made a big fuss out of this, calling me a lady magnet the entire night, but on hindsight, the place was dark and the lady probably had xerophthalmia.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

like this lance ! i didnt know your a good singer he he , just keep posting i love it !- tita glo

Fri Nov 18, 08:07:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

I can hum a few tunes, Tita Glo. Haha.

Fri Nov 18, 08:19:00 PM GMT+8  

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