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What I have been doing



I am Lance Isidore Catedral. I write this blog. As of the time of writing, I am 18 years old—in the Philippines, that’s the legal age, the advent of adulthood, the start of the freedom to choose for oneself what one wants to do with his life. But people who have met me for the first time would think of me as a high school sophomore, or perhaps a grade-schooler, regardless of the obvious signals of puberty. And I really think that all those notions about being 18 are stupid. My height is 5’4” but and I am convinced that I will grow taller. I have myopic eyes: the only letter I can see in the Snellen Chart is the E at the top, and the last time I’ve seen it, it’s pretty blurred already. I have a flat nose, which perhaps occupies a great deal of my face’s surface area; brown skin; brown-black eyes (I’m not really sure); and a lot of pimples which, thanks to time and soap and water, are slowly disappearing. I was born in Koronadal City, South Cotabato on the 22nd of April, the year o