Friday, September 23, 2011

A magazine!

Through our Community Medicine creative project, Bagong Bahay, Bagong Buhay: Kuwento ng mga barangay health worker ng St. Hannibal Christian Community (New Home, New Life: Stories of barangay health workers of St. Hannibal Christian Community) we share the colorful, often heart-wrenching stories of people who've been rescued from depressing living conditions that still beset many Filipino families in urban centers today.
  Bagong Bahay, Bagong Buhay
We dedicate this to the barangay health workers we've interviewed.


Nelyn Balbalosa, 46, was one of the six BHWs we talked to—and one of our favorites, too. An active member of her community's health committee, she has been instrumental in teaching the women proper breastfeeding techniques, useful and affordable recipes for healthy meals, and so much more. We'd barge into her home, and she'd tell us her love and life stories.

For the photographs, we employed Kevin Meredith's technique of creating montage portraits. The photos look pretty good, actually.

Nelia Balbalosa

I'll be posting more composite photos in the next few posts.

And here's the last page, a few of our learning points. Click to enlarge.

Community Medicine is what we call learning while having fun.



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