Friday, January 10, 2020

Lost luggage

In my limited travels I've never lost a luggage. I suppose that's largely due to the fact that I don't like checking in luggage and paying for them. I also pack very lightly—if, say, I had forgotten something, I could just buy it at my destination. I usually only have a small roller suitcase and a backpack. In the ministry of carrying and lifting things, my kid brother Sean calls me useless. (Note to self: arm exercises!)

I know of friends whose suitcases got lost in the complications of air transfers and stop-overs—not lost, only left behind, to be sent to the destination hotel after two days, in which case they would need to get another pair of underwear or resort to finding a change of clothes to tide things over.

One of more interesting things I read this week is this Instagram-story-esque of what happens to luggage lost and found in German trains. I took a screenshot. The Secret Afterlife of Lost German Luggage by Sami Emory and Andreas Meischner. After accounting for them, they put them up in auctions after some time.



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