Thursday, December 10, 2015


Graduation IM

TODAY my seniors in Medicine are graduating. This day will be filled with celebration, thanksgiving, and remembering. I get emotional with endings, as graduations are often thought out to be, because these wonderful people have taught me and affected me in ways that go beyond making clinical decisions, diagnoses, and treatment. This means I will not be seeing any of them at the OPD anymore, will not be chatting with them randomly for a few minutes to pass time, will not hang with with them over food and videoke as often as before.

But there is a certain joy in endings. It is in knowing that what awaits them is a brighter life ahead, a future full of promises and opportunities. I pray that God will supply their every need, will strengthen them, and will make Himself known to them even as they minister to the sick and care for the dying.

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OUTTAKES from the graduation luncheon at Cyma, sponsored by Dr. Rody Sy.

Graduation IM

In the process of preparing the tribute video presentation—basically, three words and three things we will miss about each graduate. So glad the video was received with laughter and fond remembering.

Graduation IM

With Dr. Sarah Ordillo, whom I've promised to feature here. She was my first year resident when I was an intern, and my choosing IM was largely influenced (among other factors) by her warmth, care, and competence as a physician. God bless you, Ma'am!

Graduation IM

More photos to come, as they become available.

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