Friday, October 4, 2013

A cursed fridge and a generator that runs on uling


PRIDYIDER (2012) is about a cursed refrigerator that kills people. Whether it's death by suffocation or hypothermia, we don't really know. The film stars Andi Eigenmann playing the balikbayan Andi Benitez. She was brought to the US when she was younger to protect her from her crazy mother played by Janice de Belen. She had to go back to take care of the ancestral home. And that was when strange things started to happen—people disappearing, cats getting killed. The fridge is the average one-door type that most middle class Filipino families own. How did adult-sized people fit right in? As we were about to wallow in skepticism, we saw a scene depicting Janice de Belen inside one of the fridge's compartments. Think about this: Pinoy horror stories make the best comedies.


Gagay: Prinsesa ng Brownout (1993) stars Gelli de Belen who played the poor girl who invents a generator that runs on uling. If not for Charlie who suffered heart attacks due to excessive laughter I would've dismissed the movie and switched channels—yes, channels, because we watched it over the Pinoy Box Office channel on TV. It's your typical Pinoy rags-to-riches story. Guess who Gagay falls in love with: Rustom Padilla, before his transformation. Cracked everyone up.

Perfect way to celebrate the end of Surgery, I think: a Pinoy film everyone deems jologs, grilled boneless bangus topped with tomatoes, roasted chicken, and unlimited rice. Too bad we forgot to ask Bernie to bring her Magic Sing.

post-surgery 2
Jeggy, Bernie, Richy, Charlie, and Aggie.

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