Sunday, November 30, 2008

You're never too young

The Philippine Flag

“I came from my mother's womb” was his answer when we asked him where he came from. Adam Hussey, a young missionary affiliate with Action International, spoke yesterday at the Youth Fellowship in Higher Rock.

He first shared this life testimony—how he went to church only for the sake of attending it, how he broke his knee when he played tennis, and how he was called by the Lord to go to Uganda. I was amazed at God's miracle in preserving his life. While working in a remote town in that African country, he got sick with cerebral malaria—the deadlier form of the disease. And yet, by God's grace, he came back to America alive. Now he's in the Philippines for some work to be done at Action.

There's no age requirement in doing missions. All Christians, young and old, are called to spread the gospel. What a timely reminder.



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