Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On toothbrushes and why I like photography

Because my mother is a dentist

I experimented with the camera's super macro settings one night when I should've been studying for Immunology. If you've fallen in love with photography, you know it's a worthwhile distraction. It takes your mind off things. The experience of capturing memories and images clears one's mind and offers a different perspective altogether.

When I still had my camera, I used to go out into the wilderness alone. Somehow, photography was a means of escaping, even momentarily, the pressures of student life. During those solitary walks, I would pray and marvel at the beauty of God's creation. It's always humbling to see that no matter how sophisticated our cameras have become, they still fall short of capturing the real things.

I don't shoot as often as before because I only borrow camera from my friends. And it's hard to squeeze my hobby into my usually tight schedule, which is mainly my fault because I didn't plan which subjects to take and when. But I still make time for it, like finding opportunities to read a good book or watch a movie.

That doesn't keep me from subscribing to photography websites and blogs. If you can spare time, do visit the following:
  • A Walk Through Durham Township by Kathleen Connaly -- The photos remind me so much of the province, where life is so laidback, where the stars shine more brightly and beautifully.
  • Daily Dose of Imagery -- You'll never look at buildings, roads, and benches the same way again!
  • Flickr Blog -- See the collection of Flickr's most interesting photos.
  • Firda Beka -- One of my favorite photographers, Firda Beka has eye for detail, color, and interesting-ness.
  • Des Poticar -- Des is an elementary schoolmate at Notre Dame and is talented in capturing detail you ordinarily would miss.
If you have other photoblogs to recommend, drop a comment right here.



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