Thursday, November 6, 2008

The new presidency will usher changes that are set to turn the world upside-down

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. His election is set to usher changes in policies that will turn the world upside-down.

After all the excitement of the recent election, it is sobering to read Albert Mohler's thoughts:

Given the scale of the Democratic victory, the political landscape will be completely reshaped. The fight for the dignity and sanctity of unborn human beings has been set back by a great loss, and by the election of a President who has announced his intention to sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. The struggle to protect marriage against its destruction by redefinition is now complicated by the election of a President who has declared his aim to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. On issue after issue, we face a longer, harder, and more protracted struggle than ever before.

So much was at stake in the recent election, including how the issue of abortion must be dealt with. In this, Albert Mohler urges Christians to come to God in prayer:

We must pray that God would change President-Elect Obama's mind and heart on issues of our crucial concern. May God change his heart and open his eyes to see abortion as the murder of the innocent unborn, to see marriage as an institution to be defended, and to see a host of issues in a new light.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abortion was not the only issue that Americans voted for or against last election. There's the War on Terror, Immigration Policies, Stem Cell Research, and Taxes among other things.
It's unfair to Obama to brand him as unfit to lead just because he supports abortion. It would also be unfair to label Christians as working against the teachings of Christ just because they voted for Obama.*
Btw, it is also interesting to note that in the early years of Christianity the apostle Paul wrote nothing about the practice of exposure. Yet he wrote much on Christian discipline. Btw, exposure is a more extreme form of population control as compared to abortion. Abortion killed the unborn, whereas exposure killed those who were already born. The practice of exposure involved exposing unwanted infants to the environment and to wild beasts.
I think it is time for Christians to once again mind their own affairs like ministering and showing discipline to other Christians who had abortions.
We cannot control the world. I mean, we should not control the world. We should not change the world by trying to rule it. Rather, we should let Christ himself change the world by the saving power of His death and resurrection.
And in all things God works for the good of those who love him, of those whom he has chosen. That is a true saying regardless of whether Obama or Mccain resides in the White House.

*You heard right. Republicans no longer hold monopoly over the Evangelical vote.

Thu Nov 06, 06:28:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

There are, in fact, many other issues that the Americans kept in mind when voting, but abortion stands out as a more crucial issue because it is not just a political matter -- it is a moral one.

I agree, in a sense, that Christians must mind their own affairs, but that does not mean complete withdrawal from the world. All of us live on the same planet, so we are called to live Christ-like lives, doing all for His glory. And so, knowing that God created us, we know it is wrong to kill, and so we must defend the right to life.

Thank you for the reminder that "we cannot control the world...we should not control the world." It is a comfort to know that, ultimately, what matters is that our God is in control, not the elected leaders of the land.

Let's pray for President-elect Obama, his family, and the government he is soon to take over.

Fri Nov 07, 08:25:00 AM GMT+8  

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