Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo is almost over!

Old gasoline station

The National Blog Posting Month is almost over! The challenge to write at least one blog entry a day was daunting, but it was worth it.

November has taught me to value each day that comes my way. I thank God for each lesson and experience He's allowed me to go through. This month has been soaked with His mercies.

For the one last time, let me recap the entire month:

Nov 1
Lafug v.2--changed the blog layout
Visiting the dead--Undas entry

Nov 2
Most frequently used words from September 18 to November 2--discovered a website that makes word clouds

Nov 3
A countdown of lasts--well, because graduation is the end of many things.

Nov 4
Obama vs McCain, and the great American debate--I got involved in politics

Nov 5
I tell people I know how to ride a bike

Nov 6
The new presidency will usher changes that are set to change the world upside down--again, politics

Nov 7
All because of God's grace--overwhelmed by the fact that this is to be my last sem in UP

Nov 8
Why I can't bring myself to read long e-books--my entry to Abraham Piper's challenge

Nov 9
Who'd be the first person in heaven you'd shake hands with?--remembered the Isabela missions

Nov 10
Sen. Miriam Santiago is here to stay

Nov 11
Joe and I had dinner with Hazel's mother

Nov 12
What will I do after graduation?--like any other graduating student, I asked the same question

Nov 13
What would you do if someone spat at you?--my most memorable jeepney ride, believe me

Nov 14

Nov 15
You have got to see Citizen Kane

Nov 16
Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10!

Nov 17
Singing with the choir

Nov 18
Restful sleep

Nov 19
Chippy Leo, Chippy Leo--JP Leo Asong was in Manila for three days

Nov 20
Hearty laugh at a wedding

Nov 21
Books! Books!--the usual dose of books

Nov 22
Why I spend hours inside National Bookstore--I can't choose which notebooks to buy

Nov 23
Overheard by Boom--the batch's yearbook write up

Nov 24
Long walk to freedom--Nelson Mandela's a great leader

Nov 25
On toothbrushes and why I like photography

Nov 26
YM conversation during cramming time--with Titus Tan

Nov 27
Reminder for today--If you attend MBB 180, you should know.

Nov 28
Filthy Rich

Nov 29
Transforming ideas into real businesses
Pastor Bob--Again, a response to Abraham Piper's challenge

Nov 30
You're never too young

Tomorrow, they'll raffle off the blogs. The blogs that get picked win prizes. I'm not expecting to win, but who knows?

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