Sunday, November 23, 2008

Overheard by Boom

BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Class of 2009

Arielle asks, “We have quiz today?”
Gelo grins, has nothing to say.
Polo shouts, “No! Please, I pray!”
Yeyen thinks, “Do we have to stay?”
“Ang chaka naman!” Cheeze complains.
“Di ko 'to nagets!” Angeli exclaims.
Monchi looks up and feels his tummy.
As Wegs cries out, “Oh, help me mommy!”
Richard confesses, “Man, this is scary.”
Agz wonders, “What's happening to me?”
Carlo says, “Quiz daw? 'Di tuloy 'yan, pare.”
Dianne, unimpressed, answers with “Anubeh!”
Jean stands up, “Guys, huwag masyadong i-internalize.”
Isabel panics, “Di ko 'to memorize!”
Patrick blurts out, “Oh, what the hell.”
As Tin, in a corner, wishes everyone well.
“Kasama pa ba 'to?” asks worried Jana
Melay replies, “Hindi—oo—ay, teka!”
Titus explains, “Nakatulog ako kagabi.”
Anna relates, “Ako, pagod, mouse duty kasi.”
“Whaaaat?” is Hazel's helpless cry,
While Kino claims her brain is dry.
As Juanchi scratches his shiny scalp,
Jaimar tears the blank paper pulp.
Lance looks for his notes, “It's now or never.”
Joe swears, “This is the worst day ever!”
Then out of the blue, Coy's phone starts beeping
“Wala daw si Ma'am; let's start sleeping!”

This is the batch's (BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 2009, University of the Philippines Diliman) yearbook write-up. Took me a long time to encapsulate everyone in one-liners. But thanks, Wegs, for making me write this. Pleasure's mine. Oh, and I dearly miss Boom. If she were here, she'd be laughing so hard she'd burst into tears.



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