Nothing beats a handwritten letter.

My friend, Paul Velasco, sent me this postcard from Wellington, New Zealand about a month ago. It bore his familiar handwriting--strong, calculated, and shaky strokes--that gave it more personality, something an email can never accomplish.

When it comes to letters, I prefer analog to digital. Call me a tree-destroyer, but I'd rather have them in paper and pen. Don't you?

My blockmates are bound for Baguio City. I'm not going because my parents didn't give me permission. I should take a rest.

If Paul were there, he'd tour me around, even cook something for me in his amazing kitchen, which, I imagine, is just a couple of minutes away from where I'd be standing.


  1. Hi Lance! Paul gave me a post card from Wellington. Tapos ung Mt. Victoria din. I guess same post card. haha. :D

  2. Really? Not the same message, I hope? Halatang namimiss na tayo ni Paul.

  3. same scenery but i think shean's postcard is wellington at dawn, or noon? or some other time. hehe


  4. My cousin's in Wellington too, but he doesn't send me regular post, just email. But I agree. Nothing beats snail mail talaga. It gets pathetic sometimes for me, I send postcards to myself when I'm in a new place. It's my idea of getting a souvenir. =P - Celeni

  5. Hi Celeni. I'll just do that when I go to places far away from here. And what a cool souvenir that would be.


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