Journal of a Lockdown No. 71


Totally out of context, but this line from an Alice Munro story captures what I want to do with this blog: a public space that few know about. Thanks for those of you who drop by.

May is ending. I'm cooped up in my little space with books and prayer, pen and paper, laptop and Kindle. Yesterday I finished the series Trying on Apple TV+. It's about a couple who undergo the process of adoption after failed attempts to conceive. Loved the music. Characters were lovable. Story was uncomplicated. I want to go to Camden.


  1. Kuya Lance! Trisha ni. I suppose I'm one of the few who knows about this. I'm also looking to start something similar, a passion project of some sort. I'm so glad you quoted Alice Munro, she's one of my favourites.

    I'm also glad I came by today, off all days, just as I was looking for a sign to finally get a head start on my project. I guess this is it!

  2. Hi, Trish! Happy to be the pseudo-catalyst of this project. I'm curious what it is!

    1. My own space in the world wide web too. I had just launched it, I've been meaning to do it for sometime, sharing with you the link below. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I'm thankful for this obscure public space. :D
    I really miss the heyday of blogging.


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