Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Journal of a Lockdown No. 40

Lockdown walk to coffee shop

Running low on coffee, I message the neighborhood café and ask if they deliver coffee beans. The kind lady, Agnes, tells me they do. She directs me to thevault.ph for the selection. Overwhelmed with the choices, I ask her what she recommends.

"Try the The Hippie," she says. I arrange for a pick up instead of paying an additional Php 150 for delivery. The store is five minutes away by walking. Pre-lockdown, I used to hang out there after work—a great place to get some writing and reading done when it wasn't crowded. She tells me the ground beans will be ready for pick up after an hour.

With the quarantine pass, I walk towards the café. "Ay, si Dok," says the barista, who recognizes me despite my mask and cap. The store is technically open, but I'm not allowed inside. I write my orders on a piece of paper outside; the sekyú brings it to the staff. I tell them I'm only picking up the beans. I'm directed to the green gate at the back street. I'm happy the staff is okay. I suppose the cats are, too, although I don't see them yawning anywhere. I can't imagine the economic slump that businesses face—The Giving Café, particularly, whose business operates as a social enterprise program.

The coffee comes in a box. The packaging features frames I wear.

Lockdown walk to coffee shop

I take the longer route as I head home. It's the closest thing I get to an exercise.

I run into people carrying grocery bags—their weekly supply.

Lockdown walk to coffee shop

This photo is interesting for a few reasons. It seems to tell me to watch some more shows on Netflix. The man looks like my friend Rey T whose son, by the way, really looks like him.

Lockdown walk to coffee shop

The entrance to the hotel has red ribbons, in support of frontline workers. Outside the poster invites people to its unlimited breakfast and lunch buffets. This business, too, must be in a slump.

Lockdown walk to coffee shop

The streets are quiet.

Lockdown walk to coffee shop

And I am home. This is the fortieth entry since I have begun this short-term journal. Trips like this—short-term excursions that don't last more than an hour—are the closest I have to travel. It's still such a blessing from the Lord to have a home to spend time in, coffee beans to brew, and a day to enjoy. I hope you're well.



Blogger Will said...

I kind of miss manila. Ingat lance!

Wed Apr 22, 06:18:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Thank you, Sir! Take care, too!

Wed Apr 22, 06:35:00 PM GMT+8  

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