Friday, April 17, 2020

Journal of a Lockdown No. 36

Since Aylmer, whom we fondly call Merck, told me that everything tastes great when dipped in hot coffee, I have taken on the habit. Early this morning I walked to the nearest bakery that sells the best Spanish bread in the area. This bread is also my Manong's favorite, but we have discovered that it tastes even better if it is dipped in a hot Barako blend. Its sweetness is neutralized by the coffee's bitterness. I haven't gone as far as soaking rice in coffee soup, which Aylmer frequently does. Who knows? Maybe someday I will.

* * *

I write about buying bread or walking in the neighborhood or getting fresh vegetables as if these things were special. The truth is that I look forward to days when I get to do them. Doing the groceries, replenishing the household supplies, has become the highlight of my week. Early in the morning, I don a mask and bring the SM grocery bags, careful to be at least one meter away from the nearest person in the elevator and pretty much elsewhere. I volunteer to do this, even if I'm not good at it. Manong gives me a checklist, which I follow; otherwise, I'll just grab whatever is nearest. Kangkong -- check. Rice -- check. Fish -- check. Fruit juice -- check. Worcestershire sauce -- I couldn't find it.  I asked the kind Ate at the grocery where it was; after pronouncing it in many different ways (the correct way: WORS-ter-shir), she still didn't get me. I spelled it out for her, which further confused her. "Sauce ba 'yan, Sir? Doon po ang mga sauce." I gave her my profuse thanks for her patience and wished her well. "Ingat po kayo, Sir."

If you are prone to being intentionally rude to the staff in the grocery, do a heart check. Your attitude reveals so much of what is in your heart.

Pen is a TWSBI Eco Rosegold inked with Diamine Oxblood mixed with Waterman Black. Paper is a Best Buy A4 bond paper.



Blogger Unknown said...

Comfort food: rice in hot sweet black tea, rice in Milo, rice in coffee. My mom called it "labay."

Fri Apr 17, 11:59:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Sarap ng rice in Milo!

Mon Apr 20, 04:16:00 PM GMT+8  

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