Friday, March 13, 2020

The daily commute plus some podcast recommendations

Colin Jost's New Yorker essay about his high school commute between Staten Island and Manhattan is a worthwhile read. (Jost's grandfather sounded a lot like my father, who did not hesitate to grant me permission to travel alone from Marbel to Baguio. He wanted me to learn how to be street smart.)
I took a bus, then a ferry, then a subway—which, when you type it into Google Maps, looks like you’re emigrating from China to San Francisco in the eighteen-forties.
I live an hour away (two hours, on bad days) from the hospital where I work. Commuting is a good time for thinking and praying. I would listen to Tim Keller's Gospel in Life podcasts or the New Yorker Fiction podcasts (I find Deborah Treisman's voice soothing). There are days when I would feel like listening to the podcasts recommended by good friend Harold Tan: The Memory Palace being my favorite among them. I also read a lot of books on my Kindle. I finished John Calvin's The Institutes and Stephen Charnock's On Regeneration because I read bits and pieces of them on the train.



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