Friday, March 6, 2020

Small, inconsequential problems

1. A book I ordered online may have been lost in transit. It was a secondhand copy. The bookstore emailed that I'd get a full refund. I'd been looking forward to reading that book. They don't sell that here in the Philippines.

2. I wonder which book I should bring during my commute to work. Perhaps a book on basketball, recommended by Chuck, a sports writer and analyst, or an anthology by Jeffrey Eugenides called "My Mistress's Sparrow Is Dead," or Jonathan Edwards's collection of preachings. I realize that it's not a matter of which book to bring, as they're all in my Kindle; but which book to read for the next hour.

3. I will need to submit a technical paper for journal publication soon. It's practically done. I just haven't found the perfect groove to reformat it based on the editors' preferences.



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