Monday, December 30, 2019

Grave in the Hills and Farewell

Book highlights from Isak Dinesen's Out of Africa, continued (here are parts one and two).

Loc 43484, The Grave in the Hills
What they really remembered in him was his absolute lack of self-consciousness, or self-interest, an unconditional truthfulness which outside of him I have only met in idiots.

Loc 4448, The Grave in the Hills
He had taken in the country, and in his eyes and his mind it had been changed, marked by his own individuality, and made part of him.

Loc 4469, The Grave in the Hills
I often drove out to Deny’s grave. In a bee-line, it was not more than five miles from my house, but round by the road it was fifteen. The grave was a thousand feet higher up than my house, the air was different here, as clear as a glass of water; light sweet winds lifted your hair when you look off your hat; over the peaks of the hills, the clouds came wandering from the East, drew their live shadow over the wide undulating land, and were dissolved and disappeared over the Rift Valley.

Loc 4812, Farewell
…And I remembered what an old Norwegian captain of a whaler down in Durban had explained to me, that the Norwegians are undismayed in any storm, but their nervous system cannot stand a calm.

My father's grave is also in the Hills. (Not the mausoleum!)

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