Tuesday, December 10, 2019


The thrill of traveling alone is the opportunity to force one's self to a heightened awareness of the environment, of other people, not to be distracted by the constant company of friends or family.

For instance, as I was walking along the sides of the canals of the Navigli district yesterday, I was also praying silently. "Lord," I said in Hiligaynon, "thank you for this rare opportunity to experience this colder part of the world." My hands were freezing so I tucked them inside my overcoat.

As I passed through the next block of ristorante, trattoria, pizzeria, and bookstores, I saw this mother and daughter pair: how she loved her child and doted on her; how the child loved her ice cream! I looked at them from afar before I took this photo as I decided to walk along.

Day 2

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