Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 27: Oncology Module

week 27 (PGH Cancer Institute)

week 27 (medics) week 27 (doing rounds)
week 27 (oncology SGD)
week 27 (first blood ever extracted)
week 27 (agape bible study) week 27 (yogurt)

At the Surgery Ward, I saw JD Comandante, a good friend from Class 2013. "Ever done blood extraction before?" he asked.

"Never. Is it hard?"

"Would you like to try?"

Despite my hesitation, he dragged me to one of his patients, the one who suffered from a form of bone cancer, and with the patient's consent, he let me draw blood to be used for laboratory analysis.

My first one didn't go so well. JD had to follow-through, but it was as great first time. Thanks, JD!

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