Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm thankful for the short-lived moments that break the monotony of an otherwise tiring day in med school. The stern, fragile glass of academic formality breaks down, and real life (no matter how imagined that concept is to the typical future doctor) enters the front door.


Just yesterday Julie Reyes, representing the entire class, gave one of the most animated Grand Rounds presentations we've seen. The case was a patient who sustained injuries due to a vehicular accident. Normally the class would doze off by the 15th minute, but Julie's humor—unintentionally delivered, I suppose—kept everyone awake. An amusing and educational experience for all of us.

To cope with stress, one may laugh. A heartfelt, stomach-aching laughter. It's a good stimulant. It transforms a hostile environment into something friendlier. And one of the unrecognized sources of joy in one's life is a classmate whose laughter is boisterous and infectious. I'm thankful we have a lot of them in my class.

I thank God that I can still laugh, and that I have a reason to.

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