Sunday, July 3, 2011


I don't know how for how long these relaxing weekends will last, but I'm thankful for yesterday, when I joined the outing of my youth group in church. We went to a nearby pool, a couple of blocks away from our church building in Timog Avenue. For most of the morning, we played Guesstures, a modified charades game where one has to act out four words for a given time period.



A race against time, this game should make one appreciate the value of the spoken word. In ordinary circumstances, I could've easily said "bellydancing" and everybody would get me, but that morning, I had to act it out. And, no, I'm not posting any incriminating video of myself. I did shoot an amateurish video of other people, but I haven't asked permission if they'd like to publicly display their award-winning performances in this blog.

Our team won, thanks to Koji's interpretation of "mermaid," among other words, which have us a solid 16 points.

final tally

Beside the pool, we saw this graffiti. I didn't pay any attention to it then, but as I look at the photo now, I realize it's a Caucasian kid suffering from some disease, possibly filariasis. Consider, for instance, the asymmetry in the arms and buttocks.


There were random paintings of butterflies and colorful things and this creepy woman with dragonfly wings. She reminds me of the ABS-CBN morning cartoon shows I used to watch before going to school.



Praise God for this blessed time!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fairy reminds me of hiraya manawari!! abs-cbn shows! :)
lance, where in timog is your church? the street is near my house! maybe we can meet up with leeann one time. she also lives nearby!


Sun Jul 03, 07:13:00 PM GMT+8  

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