Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nestlé short films to watch

Nestlé Philippines has an interesting project called "Kasambuhay, Habambuhay: A Short Film Anthology." I didn't catch the premiere in ABS-CBN (I don't own a TV), but I'm glad the films—all running for about 10 minutes—have been posted in Youtube.

Sign Seeker
Bien (John Lloyd Cruz) is head-over-heels in love with Kacey (Solenn Heusaff), a gorgeous lady from work (Solenn Heusaff). His friend (JK Austria) challenges him to ask Kacey out, but he finds ways to evade the issue.  He asks for signs if he should finally summon the courage to talk to her—an alarm clock, a strawberry for breakfast, all green traffic lights, a dog to overtake him, an elephant to occupy his parking space. The things he asks for border on the pathetic and impossible, but I find the concept rather charming. The love story is richly Pinoy. The songs are fun to listen to. The conversations sound like they do in real life.

Isang Tasang Pangarap
A poor man-turned-prophet gains popularity by reading people's fates in their coffee cups. It's the typical slapstick Filipino comedy, complete with the Nora Aunor look alike spouting her signature Himala lines. It's rather corny, I'm afraid, but of the bearable kind.

This film by Jun Reyes is about the life of a policeman (note that silup is pulis spelled backwards), whose character is played by Sid Lucero. The viewer is intrigued by many things about him: why he always grabs a can of milk by the time he goes home; why he blows his steam at the criminals who steal from a weak, old man; why he hasn't married anyone yet despite his good looks. This film combines action and drama so beautifully in the last scene with Gloria Romero, whose subtletly can move even the hardest of hearts. Among the films I've sampled, this is my favorite.



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