One of my most embarassing moments is the time when I was asked to represent the class for the Impromptu Speaking Contest in Filipino. It was Buwan ng Wika, and everyone in KNCHS was looking forward to the culmination event.

I was surprised that I was picked out, of all my classmates who spoke the language better than I did. I had difficulty speaking in Filipino because in Koronadal, we never speak it. It's off—it just sounds off, like the screeching of tires on pavement.

So, there I was, sitting on a monobloc chair on-stage, waiting for my turn. I picked my topic a minute before I was to begin. The unfolded the piece of paper read, "Ano'ng masasabi mo tungkol sa administrasyon ni Joseph Estrada?"

I had no clue.

I came near the microphone, rattled my introductions, and I started saying something. It was one of those moments when silence was torturous, and I just had to say anything, no matter how unrelated, as long as the words were in Tagalog.

A minute after I started I regained my thoughts, but just as I was about to go on my second point, I totally blanked out. Tabula rasa. My brain was as clear as Absolute drinking water.

Forgetting how "progress" was translated in Tagalog, I said the following words that would scar me for dear life:

Dapat isaalang-alang ni Pangulong Estrada sa kanyang mga programa na ang Pilipinas ay dapat mag-progress.

Good job, Lance. And in case you're asking, I placed last.


  1. hahahaha....nakakatawa ka lance! I hope this helps...^_^

    "Progress" in Filipino:

    pag-usad = progress that usually has to do with physical parameters, e.g. distance (i.e. advancement/to proceed)

    pagsulong = progress that has to do with skills, personal characteristics (i.e. improvement/evolution)

    pag-unlad = progress that has to do with status, often social/financial (i.e. growth/development)


  2. Natuwa naman ako sa "entry" mo, Kuya Lance! :P


  3. JGG—Jeiel, ikaw 'to, no?—salamat sa talasalitaan. Sana nakilala na kita bago ako sumali sa paligsahang iyon. Hindi na sana ako napahiya.

    Pat—Buti naman, natuwa ka. Di lang nakakatuwa—nakakatawa talaga ang nangyari. ;)

  4. Laking Promil ka yata eh. Laking Progress kasi ako. hahahahaha...

    G'nyt! See ya tomorrow! God bless!


  5. Di lang nadiscover, 'no, Jeiel? :D

  6. Honestly, Lance. It wasn't hard for me to visualize that scene. :P

  7. Your experience is understandable and nothing to be ashamed of. Marbelians are by far in a better lot compared to other places besides the tagalog region. We, if not most of us, speak two or more dialects,than the rest of the country.

  8. Muragdoctor, I can picture you in that scene, too. Kung sumali ka, di sana ako ang last. :p

  9. Anonymous, I'm not really ashamed of what I did, just embarrassed. :D Tama ka gid—ibang klase gid man ang mga taga-Marbel! :)

  10. Nice one, Lance. LOLZ! =p.

  11. hahaha!!! I can't imagine you doing this kuya lance.. :D

    1. I still feel bad when I think about it. Haha!


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