• I qualified for the next step in the application (i.e., interview), and so did my friends.
  • Ate a delicious meal during this afternoon's NIMBB Pasta Party, a first in history.
  • Consulted with my thesis adviser who gave constructive advice and encouragement.
  • Did rather well during the quiz because I had time to prepare for it—thank you, Lord!
  • Had fun with UP SOX during the Kalye Kultura at Tres Marias, Lagoon Area.
  • Had a chance to encourage a friend to continue walking with Christ, despite her confusion. Mark 9:24
  • I'm thankful I use Linux. At the very least I don't have to worry about viruses anymore. Ate Xy-za had been patient with me when I consciously plugged my USB stick in this afternoon.
  • Had a chance to pray for Christian ministries and ministers, that they might flee from wrong teaching and living.


  1. Hey. Cool photo! Where'd you get this, Lance? You took this?

  2. Thanks, Ate Rae. Yes, I did, last year, December, I think. Sa Rizal Park.


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