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Now this is a winner

What if I do this in my math exam on Thursday?

* * *

It was a couple of months ago when Dr. Pascual asked me, in one of our Chem 26 lectures, to pinpoint what the first element in Group 6A is. I looked at the periodic table beside the blackboard, counted backwards from the Halogen Group... "Group seven, group six, ah, there it is," I thought.

"Ma'am, it's zero."

And then the entire class laughed like hyenas. Blood gushed through my face like flashflood, and I suddenly felt stupid. "OH NOOOO MA'AM! Sorry. It's Oxygen."


  1. Hahaha, naaalala ko tuloy, I was stumped with a math physics problem to derive that the summation was equal to pi, for a moment I wanted to draw a magician and write: "poof!" "it's equal to pi!"

  2. hohohohohohoho..... veryyyyyyyy funnyyyyyyyy lance. yes, nakakatawa ka talaga. i laughed my whole heart out.......:D i can,t take this anymore, bka mapanaginipan ko pa ito. hehehehe hahahahah

  3. =D =D haha!!! mukha daw jelly fish yung mga smiley ko, sabi ni razeru. =) enjoy. =) i really enjoy reading your blog, kahit minsan ko lang nagagawa. =) ang saya. =)

    i remember when i first heard this story. =)

  4. hi lanceetoy! i really like that "find x" figure... hahaha... nabrain wash ako. hehe...

  5. wahehehehe! =D =D jellyfish din.
    napapatawa mo talaga kami, Lance. ang kulit-kulit mo. hehe!!!

    now with ilonggo accent:
    kumusta ka na, Lance? ;)

  6. hehehe..i skipped the diagram before.. it's well worth 'figuring out.' :) had a good laugh :)

    you're one sweet, funny kid, lance (sorry for the kid part). anyway, i've told you this before but i want everyone who drops by your blog to know: when i'd have baby boys i want them to be just like you and your manong ralph.

    God bless! :p

  7. hehehe... it brightens my day! :D


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