Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First wave

The first wave of exams has ended rather abruptly. Still reeling from the after-effects of shock at the immensity of exams lined up for the whole week, I’ve decided to give myself a break—something I don’t necessarily deserve—and update this bottle of a blog.

My prayer in my daily meditations has been centered on asking God to reveal Himself more fully to me as I prepare for and take my exams. My friends know that I’ve been having sleepless nights because of the enormity of the information to be piled up in my cerebral cortex. But the Lord, faithful as He is, has answered my prayer—I’ve known much of Him in these hard times.

“Lord,” I prayed, “I may not understand Your will. But I pray that You might reveal to me my weaknesses, and when I do come to that point of understanding, may I see You as my only source of strength. May Your strength be perfected in my weakness. Be glorified, Lord.”

Let us take time to praise God for the problems we face—be they exams we need to pass, school requirements we need to fulfill, relationships we need to patch up, whatever—because it is in times of trouble that we are taught to trust in Him, and never in ourselves, because on our own, we are weak, and in Him, we are strong.

The second wave of exams, as I wrap up this entry, is looming over the horizon.



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