Saturday, March 4, 2006

When our pride is crushed

Most of the time we think we’re self-sufficient. I guess that’s the result of pride. We think we can do anything we want, we can get anything we dream of—and all we have to do is work harder. But it’s a false notion altogether. After all, to say that one is self-sufficient is to deny the grace of God and to say that one does not need God at all.

In life, there are times when we do act like we don’t need God. These are the times when we pursue our dreams that are not in accord with His will and purpose. These are the times when we hold on to the very things that hinder our fellowship with our Creator. These are the times when we desire the things of this world—fame, money, fortune—more than we desire Him.

But, by His grace, we suddenly bump our heads onto hard, cold walls. The after-effects are dizziness, nausea, and a horrible feeling of pain. But with these is the inexplicable moment of clarity that comes as soon as we open our eyes to the world. It is a moment when we suddenly see things clearly. We can then relate what have happened to us in the past—a failure, a disease, or even an achievement—to the present-day circumstances. We then see threads that intertwine and inter-connect. Then, with much gladness, we find ourselves explaining, to a degree, the reasons why those events have happened in the first place. Either the Lord has destroyed the very things that hinder our fellowship with Him, or that He has disarmed the power of pride in our hearts. Maybe He has caused all the pains to come so we may realize that He is to be our all in all—that no amount of material gain can compare to the joy of knowing Him personally. Or, maybe He has caused these to happen so we may find ourselves insufficient, and in due time, we may come back to Him who is our Supply.

Thank you, Lord, for crushing my pride.