Friday, September 2, 2005

Sore, sore throat

I have sore throat, and unless you were born in another galaxy, you’d be able to relate to this wretched pain I’m going through. There’s one thing I’d like to say: second to toothache, a sore throat is the worst physical pain practically all humans normally experience.

Okay, so maybe that’s not as painful as, say, having a brain tumor or having your right limb cut off—just like that beautiful character, Sophie, in Kill Bill 1—but you do get my point: the pain is unnerving, intolerable, and  almost omnipresent; it has to be cured immediately.

I called up home to ask what to do. Tatay told me to gargle hot water with rock salt. I did just that, and the pain subsided, albeit for a while, but it came back after a few hours. My friend, Paul, told me to buy Deflam (like Strepsils) because, he says, his mother once had sore throat, and that product was so effective that she was immediately cured.

Once in a while, I still dissolve Strepsil candies in my mouth.

This has led me to learn the following lessons:

1. The ability to swallow painlessly is a skill that we ought to be thankful for.
2. Tap water doesn’t really taste that bad.
3. When someone talks too much, there’s always that possibility of incurring something like—a sore throat.

I’ll sleep early tonight. It has been a tough day.


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