Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm going to have a hard time this week

I can only surmise that this week will prove the hardest in this semester.

On Friday, I have a practical exam in Physics 71.1 and in Arnis (PE 2). On Saturday, I have written exams in Physics 71.1, Physics 71, and Chem 16.

People who read my blog frequently (if their existence could indeed be proven) would observe that I've been ranting about the unique difficulty of this semester . Maybe it's my new course. My classmates would say, "Ang layo naman ng pinanggalingan mo." They're right. From English Studies, I had taken a leap of faith to Molecular Biology. I sometimes comfort myself with the thought that the two courses are really related--the relation is just not conspicuous. The relation is that both courses use language. Hahaha.

My adjustments, my pains, my joy, my disappointments, and my victories would make an interesting entry, but now is not the time to write about them.


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