Friday, September 16, 2005

The door has been opened

Just a few months ago--February 12 to be exact--I had my first dose of what they deem to be the most exciting part of a UP dormitory life, the yearly Open House (at least, it was yearly in Kalayaan). It's an event that all dormers look forward to because, once in a blue moon, outsiders (the dorm jargon for non-dormers)get the chance to enter the otherwise locked doors of the residence halls.

Now that I'm in Yakal Residence Hall, the experience takes a different beat. The reason why I'm writing about dormitories and open houses must have been made evident already, dear readers (if you do exist).

It's Yakal's Open House today.

And I've been out of the hall all day, in the wide expanse of the campus, listening to lectures, wondering at times when I'd be back home to celebrate with my dormmates.


Blogger razel said...

i exist! ahehe!
for me, the open house in Kalay was more exciting than the one here in Yakal. for one, it's because Kalay had the o.h. on a weekend while as here in Yakal, we had it on a friday. for another, Kalay holds o.h.s just once a year while in Yakal you could always go to the other o.h. next sem.
the Yakal o.h. was more-how should i say this?-"mature."

Mon Sep 19, 12:03:00 AM GMT+8  

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