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Great year


Singing Christmas carols

When we come to the end of our strength

The backseat

Salvation is born

Blast from the past

I sound, but don't dance, like a professional cheerdancer

Because I can't (cheer)dance, this is how I show my support for the MBB Cheering Team

Eerily thin

Arcade computer games with Manong and Sean

Give me fin!

The discipline of a shut mouth

Extended fellowship at Philcoa

Epileptic fit

MBB lab, the first time around



The long jeepney ride

From Yakal and back again

Expanding connections

Si Baste

When class starts, I may just need a cup of coffee this big to keep me awake

The Catedrals. Bow.


New template finally!

This blog template is temporary. Yes, the comments get published now.

On retreat*

The mosaic of God's immeasurable grace

Preparin' for the big day

CS Idol: The audition and the interview

The post-semester days make me do things

The glorious habitation

I'm not turning this website into a photoblog, believe me

Knowing the wonders of His grace

Comments comments comments

Speaking the Good News

My weekend in colors

The wind was so strong it blew the trees away