Thursday, December 21, 2006


With high school classmates

Last Saturday Manong Ralph and I arrived in Koronadal.

The plane ride was eventful. There were so many familiar faces at the airport that I couldn't help but wonder how many of us from Marbel now study or work or live temporarily in the wide, colorful, and dangerous metropolis. There was Katrina, who sat between Manong and I, and who kept asking my brother about law school, the tuition fee increase in UP, the charter change, among others. We were a noisy lot. Kuya John, JP Asong, the Kuya Jasper and Norman Dagang, and the Suenos, were there, too.

We got back home just around dinner time, but we had to wait for Nanay to finish uprooting a patient's tooth before we ate an absolutely hearty meal. I told my family, "Grabe, pati tubig, na-miss ko." I also told them that I was now a voracious eater, and that the reason for my weight problem was my hyper-fast metabolism. I knew I didn't sound convincing because my father still insisted that I eat a mouthful of bananas and thereafter drink my vitamins. Plus, Manong kept on repeating that I was missing my breakfast. In my family, that's considered a cardinal sin.

After eating, my brother Sean toured me around Alunan Avenue which was lined with colorful Christmas lights that made me wonder: who will pay for the electric fees? "There's a contest, Manong," my kid brother told me. We took pictures, walked all the way to Notre Dame Girls, and hailed a tricycle to go home. All that time, he sounded disappointed: he still hasn't grown taller than me. So much for expectations, Sean.

Sunday. We went to Church together. My, how I missed Pastor Guilbert's in-depth exhortations. The Church is now having a pulpit series on 1 Peter.

I also met with my high school classmates (Michelle took great pictures with her phone). We played bowling, talked, reminisced the good ol' high school days in K-N, and we laughed like crazy. What surpised me was that either they were now involved in romantic relationships, or that they had just broken up. They told me how unimaginable it was to see me holding hands with somebody, and I said in return, "Not in my wildest dreams have I even thought of that."

God has been so gracious as to give me this most wonderful time with my family for Christmas. There are still many things to do. I will get a voter's registration card at COMELEC (yes, I'll be voting next elections!), have my ATM card changed, visit my grandparents, go to a high school reunion... and finish four lab reports due next year.

Isn't this bloody exciting, or what? Do tell me what you've been up to.



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