Monday, October 16, 2006

CS Idol: The audition and the interview

My friend Paul dragged Jason and I to the College of Science (CS) Idol auditions. He was to represent NIP (National Institute of Physics) after his friends forced him. Yes, Paul, that's called compromise: you should demand a million-peso payment from the APAPF.

So anyway, we saw a little less than ten people perform their pieces in front of the screening committee. There was Carlo Timbol, my pseudo-blockmate (NIMBB) who sang Larawan, his original composition. Made my spine tingle. There was the lady from Biology who sang a heartwarming song whose title I've forgotten. And then there was Paul. "If I could put time in a bottle..." Pass me the Kleenex.

The best part of it all was the interview thereafter. Jason and I were privileged to listen to Paul being grilled by the panel. Here's an excerpt.

* * *

"Introduce yourself."

"Hi, I'm Paul. Paul Balite, from the National Institute of Physics."

"And what is your edge from all the rest of them [referring to the other contestants]?"

"My edge is nineteen years old."

Insert laughter. And epileptic fits from the audience.

* * *

"May province ka? Or are you Manila-based? Kasi, during sembreak, magkakaroon ng pictorials (sic)."

"Manila-based? Uhm, 'di po ako isang organization."

* * *

So anyway, I wish all the contestants the best. Of course, I'm rooting for my friends, Paul and Carlo. May your dream of becoming the next Pinoy superstar come true.

Bottled photo in the works!