Wednesday, November 1, 2006

New template finally!

I had to change my template, not so much because Manong and Kent and Jef have changed theirs lately, but because there was a problem with the Blogger commenting service. The comments, for weeks, did not get published at all.

I thought, perhaps, the problem was due to my switch to Blogger Beta [I made the bold move because this new interface (or program, whatever) allows me to organize my entries into categories]. I waited for the Blogger Team to do some tweaking; perhaps, commenting was the loophole of this innovation, but my waiting proved futile. I figured that the error must be inherent in my blog template. Thus, the radical change.

Nevertheless, I hope you find this template--I'll call it Bottle of Olives--convenient. The links can be accessed by clicking the "Pull" icon in the upper right corner of the blog; a drop-down window will cascade before your very eyes, much like an avalanche or a stampede that will crush you at your wits' end (I'm being too metaphorical here, but really, I had to write this because some friends visit my site for the links, so much so that my blog has become the portals to the blogs they actually read, which is okay. Haha.)

I've also updated the links. I've removed some of my friends' blogs that have remained, uhm, dormant for the past few years, and added quite a few (Jade's and Jeric's) that I've enjoyed recently.

So there.


Blogger Rjay said...

nice new template lance.. i like the pull thingy.. hehe :D

im gonna change mine too.. kabalo na ko gamay..

sorry, we were not able to meet up with charlene.. sa pampanga siya last weekend and monday.. biglaan lang kagabi.. hope to see you soon though.. take care.

Wed Nov 01, 06:46:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, salamat, ronald. oo gani, sayang no. hehe. namiss ko na kamo. wala gid kita nagkita ba. hehe.

sige, do experiments with html. hehe, enjoy mag-tweak sang codes. wala gid bi may maubra subong nga break, so hehehe, blog na lang. :D

I'll link you up in a while.

Thu Nov 02, 11:44:00 AM GMT+8  

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