Saturday, December 2, 2006

I sound, but don't dance, like a professional cheerdancer

How they do it

This is how the professional cheerdancers do it:

1. First they arrange themselves according to their weight. The greater the weight, the lower the altitudinal position. It is observed therefore that the lightest (though not exactly the smallest) creatures are the ones being tossed and carried, while the bigger ones serve as support.

2. The second step involves careful planning of the formation. This entails formulating free body diagrams, where summation of force and torque must equal to zero such that equilibrium is obtained. With equilibrium comes poise, and with poise, the assurance that nobody will crash on the ground and break his/her bones. This still depends, however, on whether the fallen creature has excessive cushioning (can be read as: fat) or the apparent lack thereof.

3. The final step is the most glorious one, as it involves not only all the strength one can muster, but also the ability to display excessively joyful emotions through the flashing of newly-brushed teeth, partly-raised eyebrows, and delightful sounds of laughter.


Two thumbs up for NIMBB for winning the overall championship crown in the recently concluded College of Science Sportsfest. Please see this photoset to view pictures during the competition.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ready?! O-okay!...

gimme a L
gimme an A
gimme a N
gimme a C
gimme an E,

and what does it spell?!?!


I cant hear you!!! WHat does it spell!?!


just kidding...

Hehe, cheers lance! Very amusing post. It reminded me of my high- school-that-age-when-I-was-thin. =)



Sun Dec 03, 01:18:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Hahaha, nakakatawa naman ang comment mo, Glenda. It really cheered me up. How I wish that were true!

Pero di ka naman mataba ngayon ah. Kaya pa yan. Go, sali na sa UP Pep Squad! Hahaha

Sun Dec 03, 03:02:00 PM GMT+8  

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