Sunday, June 21, 2020

Walk to the mall


Since Tatay's death, Father's Day has become a day of remembering. After streaming the church sermon on Boaz and Ruth, my brother and I walked to Podium. I wanted to see if I could replenish my collection of acid-free paper. Manong wanted to get on with the walking: some 2.6 km from the house. Sweaty and thirsty, we had lemongrass juice at a Thai store. Manong bought pastry for snacks, then we walked home.

Malls remind me of Tatay. He liked being with people. He preferred crowded malls where he could bump into a random person and talk with him. He had a way with people, a certain warmth that made them say things to him. He liked getting to know others. In the afternoons, he dragged me to KCC Mall, so I could join him and his friends from the local biking club for coffee.

Happy Father's Day!



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