Saturday, March 19, 2016

Friends over coffee

EARLY EVENING coffee with Carlos Cuaño, who can spend hours talking about watches, suits, and rock.

Carlos Cuaño

Late afternoon coffee with Bea Uy and Danes Guevara—two of the kindest, meekest colleagues I work with. Refer lang nang refer kapag sila ang duty.


Brunch coffee with Jerry Vallente—now one of the big boys of Neurology.

Christmas Day in Manila

Early morning coffee, during endorsements at the call room, with Your Grace Penserga and Ulz Gopez, who both make a great love team.


Lunch coffee with Renan Laruan, director and founder of DiscLab, and internationally acclaimed curator of the arts.

Lunch with Renan Laruan, founder and director of Discussion Lab

When are you free for coffee?



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