Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman v Superman

THE SAGIP Buhay Medical Foundation, which provides financial and medical assistance to our indigent patients at the Philippine General Hospital, organized a film screening of Batman v Superman at the SM Mall of Asia tonight. Tickets were sold at twice the price. The proceeds would go to the Sagip fund—a pool of available cash we could tap into, should we need to purchase IJ catheters or antibiotics to patients who, despite their poverty, still have a good second chance at life. Sagip has, in this sense, saved many lives—and the people who have watched the film have contributed to that end.

I’m not the biggest fan of the superhero films, and my reaction to the movie was similar to Dean Mejia’s, whom I ran into as I exited the cinema: “Di ko naintidihan.” Otherwise it was a delight to the eyes. The special effects were wonderful, Hans Zimmer’s background music was moving, and the fact that the two great superheroes of my childhood were in one film, fighting each other (only momentarily, at least) made it worth watching. The denouement was rather long.

An interesting concept brought up by the antagonist Lex Luthor was that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that goodness and omnipotence were mutually exclusive. This he mentioned while quoting the gods of various religions and beliefs. Yet Christianity opposes this concept altogether. Christians believe in and worship the one true God who is both all-powerful and good.

God’s omnipotence is demonstrated in creation (Isaiah 44:24), in our salvation (Jude 24-25), and in His resurrection (John 10:17-18). He does whatever He pleases—no one can thwart His plans. Yet His power does not corrupt Him. He is loving and good (Psalm 19:7), so much so that while we were yet sinners, He sent His Son to die for us (Romans 5:8). This is opposed to the gods of other religions who are hard to please, capricious, and who make unreasonable demands and laws.

My colleagues and I wrapped the night up with a sumptuous meal at a Filipino restaurant. Mervyn Leones, who was the head of the movie screening committee, asked us who we liked better—Batman or Superman. Laya said Batman because he was human, to which Jeré, Racquel, Mervyn, and Bea agreed. I said I didn’t like either of them, and I quoted King Ramos’s (a good friend) witty remark: “Pareho silang bobo. Parehong nakalabas ang brip.”

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