Sunday, March 13, 2016

Caring for my soul

TIM CHALLIES, one of my favorite bloggers, writes about an intimidating opportunity he recently had: speaking to a public classroom full of unchurched children. He writes:

The highest joy doesn’t come from seeking our own good, but seeking the good of other people. If you want to find joy in your life and career, live for the good of others. This brings much more joy than living only for your own good. Pastors are in the business of being a blessing to others, of doing their good. A pastor’s work is to care for people. We have doctors to care for our bodies when we’re sick. We have psychologists and counsellors to care for our minds when they are troubled. The job of the pastor is to care for the soul.

I'm thankful for my pastors. I'm thankful for my cell servant, Kuya Vance. They have kept at preaching the Word day in and out, even if it meant speaking hard truths to swallow. They don't mince with words. They call sin for what it is. They also give the greatest encouragements. Any success I have in my Christian life I owe to God and to the people He has used to build me up to become more like Him.



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