Saturday, November 21, 2015

Way past bedtime

Over dinner last night with Carlo and Glaiza de Guzman (not a married couple), and Patrick Abarquez; we spoke about the many crazy things we did in internship. Our conversations lasted way past 11—and to friends who know me too well, it was way past my bed time. It was definitely worth it, though: I missed the company. One can only laugh so much at the past.

Carlo is going on training for Radiation Oncology, which means he will be at the forefront of approving my requests for radiotherapy, usually for patients with superior vena cava syndrome. Glai is doing well in OB-Gyne, and has taken on a new fashion instinct—dresses, white coats, the works. Patrick will be taking up residency in IM.

So many things are happening all at once, and I'm thrilled to know that many of my friends are doing the things they're passionate about.


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