Saturday, November 14, 2015

1,540th—and more

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Pagbilao, Quezon Province, taken in 2012

SINCE RESIDENCY has started, I haven't been as consistent in updating this space, my private space, in the Web. It was as if I got tired of writing on my charts—my patient's stories instead of mine—that I felt I had nothing else left to say at the end of the day. Even my private journal has suffered; I'm only halfway through filling up my pocked-sized Moleskine imitation notebook.

I must therefore make it a habit to write something here at least once a week, not simply keep this website alive, but to instil in me the practice of thinking and writing—the process, not the traffic, is the reward. I know fewer and fewer people have visited here since the advent of Facebook and Twitter, and that's okay. Maybe Jason Kottke, who owns one of my favorite websites (, is right: the blog is dead. My friends, who started their own blogs around the same time that I did, have decided to move on. People now turn to micro-blogging sites to be updated, having developed an evolutionary irritation at lengthy articles. 

But, 1539 articles since I had begun in in December 2014, I realize I've invested too much in this little site to let it all go to waste. I will still write, and keep on writing, as long as I can. 

Thanks for always being here. 

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Blogger Unknown said...

You're welcome. Cheers to another 1540 posts! ;-)
Keep on blogging, Lance.
I tried to comment on the day you posted this but couldn't get through. Hope this one does.

Sun Nov 22, 08:23:00 PM GMT+8  

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