Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sagip is featured in this month's Health and Lifestyle magazine


MY ARTICLE on Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation is featured in the June May issue of Health and Lifestyle magazine. Many thanks to Abi Roxas for giving me the chance to write for Sagip, a go-to place for us, internists, when we're faced with patients who have absolutely nothing inside their pockets. Grab a copy, and learn how you can help our patients at the Philippine General Hospital.


Below is an excerpt.

* * *

Consider the following: 
As little as Php 10 can buy tablets of aspirin to save a person’s life suffering from a heart attack.

The cost of one iced coffee (Php 150 – 200) can shoulder the cost of basic laboratories—CBC, urinalysis, and blood chemistry—for any admitted patient. 
The price of a dinner for two (Php 500 – 800) can buy a day's worth of antibiotics for someone with pneumonia.

The cost of a standard monthly phone bill (Php 1000 – 1500) can pay for the processing of two bags of blood for transfusion for someone with a bleeding stomach ulcer.

Expenses incurred for overnight stay at a hotel (Php 5000) can pay for a patient's CT scan.

It's amazing, then, what you can do to help. You don't even have to be a millionaire to do so. Sacrificing some of your simple luxuries can potentially save a dying person's life.



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